Buy Instagram Followers: How to Build your instagram following in 2019

Today I’m going to show you how to grow your instagram following (FAST).

In fact:

The strategies in this post helped grow celebrity followings from thousands… to millions of followers over a few months.

grow your instagram following fast

And today I’m going to show you the exact steps we use to get accounts showing on the trending page and how to then convert real followers.

1. Buy Instagram Followers


Love ’em or hate ’em, buying followers work.

With the saturation of pictures and videos on Instagram is almost impossible to be seen.

If you eventually get seen the fact you have a tiny amount of followers will make people not want to follow you!

Its a proven fact that accounts with more followers convert new views into more real followers. Celebrities do it, so should you!

Once your account has over 30.000 followers you are classed as a being established. +100.000 followers you have entered the celebrity status, as soon as you go over the 500.000 to 1.000.000 status you will be getting hundreds/thousands of natural followers daily!!

It works the same as a restaurant, if you walk by two restaurants and one is empty and the other is full, your mind instantly thinks the one that is full is a lot better and thats where you will end up going. Your following on instagram will have the same effect, if it looks empty of followers no one will want to follow you.

As soon as you buy instagram followers and boost your following you will see a much better conversion on real followers.


2. Upload Quality Content

Here’s one of the most important ones. When we talk about quality its does not mean getting the best camera or perfect shot. Its all about having content people can relate to and a half decent image.

Instagram fitness channels post relatable content all the time, it could be something as simple as an empty protein shaker with hash tagging #buildmuscle. There is nothing spectacular about a protein shaker buy if you are a gym enthusiast then you will relate that this helps build muscle.

Depending on your niche you will use different quality content, travel vloggers will need to have amazing destinations, hotels…

While day traders will just post screenshots of trades or pictures of their current trades on a pc screen.

3. Buy Instagram Likes

Right, so you now have 50.000 followers and you post a picture and get 100 likes. How do you think this looks to your viewers?

That is why you need to send likes to your posts to make it reflect your follower count. So 5 – 10% will suffice, send 2500 to 5000 likes to each post and you will look like a superstar. With time you will see that by having more likes on a picture you interaction rate and natural likes will increase.

This in turn will make it more likely for you to appear in the trending page and gain huge exposure to real accounts and start racking in the followers you always dreamed of.

Buying Instagram Likes  can’t be more simple, just enter your username and the choose the desired amount and let our software do the rest.

4. Upload Videos

If you are trying to retain the attention of your viewers then videos is one of the best ways. Not only will they spend more time on your video they are more likely to click like and follow if they enjoy it.

5. Buy Instagram Views

As like point 3, if your videos are lacking the views new visitors may automatically assume your videos are garbage and not even spent the time to watch them.

Its a sad world but peoples status is all judged on how many followers, likes and views they get!

You can easily turn your status into celebrity mode by making sure you have thousands of video views, its as simple as buying video views and watching how the organic ones come after.

6. Auto Like Subscription

This is one of our favourites for our celebrity bloggers, companies, footballers and even individuals.

So as many instagramers tend to have a schedule set for their uploads they may use a software like hootsuite to have a list of posts already scheduled for a certain time each day. This works really well as its shows consistency to your fan base and it gives you more time to enjoy life and not worry about missing a post time.

Well what If I told you that we have a system that will automatically send likes and views to all of your new posts. Yes, its amazing right?

You set the amount of likes or views, when they start and we do the rest and you can sit back and watch all the likes come in. Sitting at a bar your friends will be amazed at how many likes you start getting.

Using the instagram likes subscription along with a adding to your followers will give your page a natural growth look that will fool everyone, making it look like you have just shot up!

7. Upload Constantly

Now to really grow you need to be consistent, its ok adding 50k followers but if after 20 posts you are still at 50k followers then you need to keep adding and liking your posts, eventually your page will blow up organically. Thats how it has happened for most of the celebrities and companies we work with.

Ready to become the next celebrity?

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